Is It Unpatriotic to Not Buy American Cars?

Because I didn’t have the chance to answer this question in an interview, I give my opinion now, as it remains the same every time I think of this subject.

Given the fact that Ford has over 30,000 workers who will now lose their jobs while we plan to import cars from China by 2007, it’s fair to say that it is unpatriotic to not buy American cars because that puts the American middle class in danger.

Since even the President himself refuses to help GM and Ford it’s time to realize that the key is in the American consumer , as the consequences (too many unemployed people, over 450,000 retirees de-funded, bigger taxes for all of us to compensate the failure of American companies) affects him directly.

Of course there are many ”so called” reasons to not buy American cars and I will prove that, indeed, none of them is valid. Let’s start with the quality: it’s a fact that the average reliability of GM and Ford cars is greater than that of all Japanese models combined and that Lincoln, Buick and Cadillac made the top five for 2005 regarding the dependability.(J.D. Power & Associates Long-term Dependability Survey).

The inefficiency of SUVs: of course SUVs consume a lot of fuel,but these cars are made because people requested it. Remember supply and demand? So how can anyone say that American companies don’t satisfy the consumers, as the request for SUVs has doubled in the last 15 years? And, lets remind that Japanese companies have been struggling to outgrow Ford and GM by creating bigger ”monsters”which consume much more.

Let’s have faith in the foreign car companies to do what American companies can also do, and probably better. Afraid that the foreign investments will decrease if we support American companies? Not true because it is their interest to keep American workers.

American companies need to improve. Improve what? Ford and GM have won quality awards, employ more Americans, pay better salaries, are very philanthropic, pay more taxes to the U.S. Treasury and the list can go on.

And the last of the reasons to not buy American cars is the fact that Ford and General Motors have to realize that they need to create cars more suitable for the American’s taste. What? GM sells more cars than any other car company. What does that say? And even though Toyota is coming strong in the international market, in the US one GM is still the leader.

The main problem is the skepticism regarding the truthfulness of the reports about GM or Ford. Foreign cars lovers will believe a report that favors Toyota but when a fact about the quality of GM cars is proven they are not convinced. Facts seem to be irrelevant to them.

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